Why I Like Laser Hair Removal

I don’t know about you, but I have spent MANY hours plucking and waxing hair off of my face. After all of these years, discovering laser hair removal springfield mo has been a godsend. It’s safe and oh so effective in reducing unwanted hair. I know…I know…the word “laser” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the whole “safe” part. But trust me, it is.

How does it work?

The laser goes down to the base of the unwanted hair follicle. It damages the follicle so that it can no longer produce hair. This is done with selective photothermolysis. The laser uses a precise wavelength of light to target the pigment without damaging the skin. As it heats up, the hair follicle is damaged. This keeps hair from growing in the future. Because hair color is targeted, it is easier to treat lighter hair color than it is darker hair color. Treated hair won’t be gone right away, but it should be gone in 10-14 days. You can safely expect 80-90% reduction in the hair in the treated area.

Are multiple treatments necessary?

My friends at DermaHealth Laser & Skin Care Clinic have taught me that the answer is yes, because hair grows in different stages: growth, rest, and transition. Some hair might still be growing during treatment. Some might be resting. Some might be transitioning. The laser can only treat hairs that are growing. As a result, treatment will have to take place between 3-6 times in order to catch every hair.

What kind of lasers are used?

There are a few types of lasers used. This is to help technicians target different colors and types of hair. They can also address different levels of skin sensitivity.

I love laser hair removal because it allows me to throw away lasers and stop waxing! It is safe and effective. That makes it a great choice in my book, and one of my favorite medical spa springfield mo services.